Youtube Channel: Super Hive

Hey guys! So, some of you may have noticed the YouTube videos I’ve been posting if you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram. I recently started a a channel called Super Hive to do movie news and reviews, and plan on doing movie trailer reactions, also! A lot of the movies I focus on will probably be of the comicbook-superhero genre aka DC and Marvel movies, but I will still include movies in other genres, too.

I think this still fits in with the blog, because my kiddos are included, and I also did a couple videos on the Disney 23 Expo that just happened over the weekend, so it is geared towards a family-friendly audience! I will include the introduction video on this post, and the subsequent videos will each have their own post. You will notice the introduction video says that the name of the channel is The Geek Fam, but I changed it soon after realizing there are too many YouTube channels with the same name.

Also, I thought including the videos on the blog would be a good way to promote, both, the blog and the channel. So take a look if you’re interested, and don’t forget to subscribe so you can get notifications when new videos are posted! You can also follow, me on Twitter (@SuperHiveCCM) to stay updated with the channel AND the blog!

Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy the videos!

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