We’re Only Human

Every mom, especially new moms, learn very quickly just how much having children affects daily life. You can read more about how becoming a mother changed my life here. With this realization, comes a certain acceptance as well. While mothers are the alpha multitaskers, get-it-done-ers, and hardest workers with no sick days, sometimes we just have to accept that we can’t always be supermom – and that’s OKAY. 

Something that I had to learn to just accept when I had my first baby (and even more now that I have 2), is that I can’t always be organized – I can’t always be prepared, I can’t always have all the household chores done before the days’ end, the house won’t always be the way I want it to (aka clean), etc. These expectations are simply unrealistic, and quite honestly, can prevent you from enjoying simple pleasures in life. Just because we’re moms, just because we’re wives, doesn’t mean we can’t have days where we just want to relax and do the minimum. Don’t beat yourself up if a day passes and there’s still dishes in the sink, laundry that hasn’t been washed, takeout it is on the dinner table instead of a home-cooked meal – it doesn’t make you any less of a mother.

Sometimes, skipping a chore to play with the kids, to watch a movie together, going to the park, just spend time with the family, is what we (and our kids) need. Yes, we want to make sure everything is taken care of, but even supermom needs some down time! 

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  1. This is such a great point of view and I totally agree. Enjoying the life you have is sometimes more important. I’m sharing to my blogs Facebook, Thanks! ❤ ~http://hppeachy.weebly.com/

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