Upcoming Series: Daily Adventures 

Hello all! I will be starting a series of posts centered around day-to-day experiences related to parenting, family, toddlers, babies, kids, etc. The series will be called “Daily Adventures”, and each article title will include the topic for that “adventure” post. For example, if the topic is potty training, the title would be “Daily Adventures: Potty Training”. Depending on the topic, there may be several posts about that adventure – a “journey”, so to speak. 

I would like these posts to serve as somewhat of a diary or journal, of my (and my family’s) experiences. Of course, I won’t be sharing intimate details about certain things, but I would like the topics to be fun, interesting, and relatable. 

Since it is a series, I will try my best to make a habit of posting “adventure” stories every Wednesday. There’s nothing special about Wednesdays – I just thought “Daily Adventure Wednesdays” rolls off the tongue better than any other day of the week (LOL). Now, obviously there will probably be occasions when I am not able to publish a post on Wednesday every single week, depending on what we have going on. Some days I don’t have quite as much time to devote to writing, getting pictures, etc. Plus, I am still very new to blogging, and trying to adjust to fitting it into my schedule. But, like I said, I will try my best to make it a regular thing. 

I am also very interested in hearing what you would like me to write about! For instance, if you have any requests for what kind of topic you would like for the next week, please let me know! Also, feel free to share your own experiences and adventures about the different topics! 

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