Family Vacation!

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to share some pictures with  you from our family vacation we took this past week. We went to Phoenix, AZ for a few days, and like most vacations, it went by much too fast. Nevertheless, it was a great time, and it felt really nice to get away and spend some time together as a family! 

It’s about a 5-6 hour drive to get to Phoenix, which can be a little intimidating with a toddler and an infant. We weren’t worried too much about Avery because he has been on road trips and airplanes, but this marked  Violet’s first trip, so I wasn’t sure how it would be on the road – especially because she hates her carseat LOL But, it actually wasn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact, I feel like any time we have gone on a roadtrip, the drive is one of the best parts because it’s quality time with the hubby. Simple things like sitting in the car for hours, and being able to laugh and talk is always enjoyable, and memorable!

Since I wanted this post to be mostly pictures, I will just share some highlights from the trip! 

  • Stayed at a beautiful resort, that even had a water park! (The featured pic at the start of this post).
  • Got to eat one at one of our favorite places: In-N-Out Burger!
  • Went to see Wonder Woman!




Thanks for letting me share our most recent family adventure with you! 

What family adventures do you have planned for the summer? Comment below!

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  1. Beautiful pics! We are staying in Las Cruces for our convention in the end of June. By then our boy will be 3 months. We are very worried because conventions are long, he is breastfeed, and he gets bored easily… We hope to get some spiritual food. Do you have any advice?

    1. I completely understand your concern! I was nervous to take my first baby to conventions also – he was 5 weeks old at his first convention and we had to drive to Tucson so I was definitely nervous lol I also nursed him and I nurse my 4 month old too.. I have a nursing cover that covers me on all sides so it helps me feel comfortable when I have to nurse in public – I’m not sure if you feel comfortable nursing in public or not but if you do this kind of cover makes it easier and keeps you modest so you don’t have to go to the mother’s room and miss the convention.. It’s also helpful to sit as close to the isle as possible so it’s easy to get up..and if there’s anything that keeps him occupied make sure to have it with you..I hope that helps! I will let you know if I think of any other tips!

      1. Thank you! I have a mint green nursing cover it kind of looks like a cooking apron lol. I have a friend who has a prettier one, its black and it goes all around and you can wear it with anything. I always feel shy to nurse him in big crowds because he moves a lot and makes a lot of noise. And i have to reposition him a lot too. But sometimes I dont have a choice and I just feed him in public of course with my cover.

  2. Oh yes I know which kind of cover you mean – I couldn’t use one like that with my son because he would always end up uncovered lol but yeah I know nursing in public can be challenging – have you tried pumping so you can bottle feed if need be?

    1. Yes I pump a little. Not too often because somwtimes my son doesnt want thw bottle. He wants my breast. He’s funny. But i will have to pump at least 2 bottles each day for the assembly.Where did you get your nursing cover?

  3. Yeah my daughter can be the same way when it comes to bottles – it’s kind of hit or miss lol and pumping to get enough can be tough! I got mine from they have a lot of cute ones to choose from I’m really glad I found out about these ones because I didn’t like the one I had when my son was small

    1. Thank you, I checked out the website. I want the black one but its sold out 😦 I have to wait. Hopefully they can make it available soon so i can have it for the convention. These ponchos are so pretty and useful.

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