Daily Adventures: Fun DIY Kids Wall Art

As some of you know, my family and I recently moved into our new place! Before we moved, I was trying to think of what kind of wall art/decor to put in my 3 year old son’s bedroom. In his other room, he just had one superhero poster, but I knew the largest wall in his new room would need more. So, I came up with a fun, simple, affordable idea that would allow Avery to create his own wall art!


All you need for this little project are the following:

  • Colored construction paper – I just let Avery choose what colors he wanted, and depending on how you want to arrange them/your wall space, you can choose how many (we did 6).
  • Coloring/crafting supplies – Avery used colored pencils, but of course you can use markers, crayons, paint, etc. You can also add things like glitter or glue on other crafty items, depending on your child’s age.
  • Picture Frames – I chose simple black frames, to help the colors pop against the wall, but of course you can choose any color you want!
  • Hammer & Nails


This is a very simple project, so I will keep the instructions just as simple!

  • Let your kiddo choose which colors of paper they would like. to use
  • Provide the supplies you have decided to let them use – in my case, I told Avery to draw all over the paper with the colored pencils, to create a sort of abstract type of look.
  • Frame and hang your kiddo’s art – as I mentioned in the ‘materials’ instructions, however you decide to hang the pictures is totally up to you (and/or your little one), depending on how many you are hanging, and the wall space you are working with. For Avery’s room, I chose the largest wall, and hung the pictures in a simple, symmetrical design.

Once I was done hanging them, Avery was very excited for his new, self-made wall art! Seeing how proud and excited he was, made this little project even more fun! As I said, depending on your child’s age, this DIY can be applied to countless projects! It also allows for some parent-child bonding and fun time together!

Have fun!

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