Bare is Beautiful

I’ve been through countless ups and downs with my skin. I’ll go through periods of time when my skin is clear. and easy to maintain, and then I’ll go through periods of time when it’s just the opposite – breakout after breakout, and scars that are just as hard to get rid of. Like many women, my skin was different during my pregnancies than it was prior to. Before I got pregnant with my son (baby #1), my skin was giving me a hard time. However, very soon into my pregnancy, my face began to clear up and remained clear and vibrant throughout the pregnancy. After having my son, it was up and down but not in extremes – just the occasional pimple here and there. But it was a whole different story with my daughter (baby #2). I was having big-painful-pimple breakouts nonstop, getting several at a time, and getting scars as a result. I couldn’t seem to get my face to clear up, no matter what I tried. My skin has also always been sensitive, especially when trying new products (including makeup and skincare products), so I tend to stick to which products work best for me. Having several pimples and scars caused me to start wearing more makeup in an attempt to cover everything. I know this was probably making the problem worse to an extent, but I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. And let’s face it (no pun intended), we all want to feel beatiful and vibrant, not only during pregnancy, but every day. Even more than that, I wanted my skin to be healthy.

Well thankfully, my breakouts began subsiding during the latter portion of my second trimester. My scars/dark spots also started fading. Even though I had tried a couple new products, I was back using my original products at this point, with the exception of switching brands for toner. I also added a face serum to my skincare routine, which began helping very quickly, and using a charcoal clay face mask twice a week. My skin was finally clearing up, and becoming vibrant, soft, and healthy. Needless to say, I was very happy and relieved with the improvements I was seeing, and feeling more confident. Eventually it got to the point where I started wearing less and less makeup. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve always liked makeup. I’ve enjoyed trying new makeup brands and trends, getting dolled up and feeling glamourous. However, I’ve always wanted to think of makeup as an accessory – not a neccessity. Obviously, I felt somewhat differently when I had scars and bumps that I was tryng to cover, but that was the problem – I didn’t want to feel like I need makeup.

So, back to the point – my makeup usage began decreasing, down to where I would only wear eye makeup (i.e. eyeliner and/or mascara), and lipstick, but no face makeup (foundation, concealer, etc). I started noticing that cutting out the foundation and concealer, helped my skin to improve even MORE. Not only that, but if I do get a pimple occasionally, it goes away much faster, and does not leave scar/dark spot. By now, it’s gotten to the point that I LOVE not wearing ANY makeup, and I feel very confident in doing so. Now, I do still use lip products, and sometimes depending on the occassion, I will wear eyeliner and/or mascara; but the majority of the time I love having a bare face, and lip balm.

Now, I am not saying that women who wear makeup on a daily basis should only confident and beautiful when they are dolled up, because this is definitely not the case. Even when my skin was not going through breakout phases in the past, I still enjoyed wearing makeup every day. The takeaway is, I simply want to inspire other women, who may experience similar challenges with their skin, to know that they can feel confident without makeup, and that they don’t need makeup to feel and look beautiful. I realize that everyone feels confdent in their own way, for their own reasons, but I definitely discovered a new-found confidence when I started wearing a naked face more often. That being said, it takes time and effort to maintain clear skin.

Here are some things I feel have helped me to maintain clear skin:

  • Keeping to my skincare routine twice daily (cleanse, tone, moisturize, serum)
  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Washing hands before washing face
  • Using face mask twice a week
  • Cutting out face makeup (foundation, powder, concealer, etc).
  • Trying to obstain from touching my face too often
  • Obstaining from picking at pimples
  • Sticking to products that work for me
  • Washing face with warm (not hot) water & ending with cold water rinse

Of course different things work for different people, so it’s important to find what products and routine work for you. Again, this is not meant to say anything negative about makeup, or women who wear makeup; I still enjoy and appreciate makeup, and the art people can create from it. My hope in writing this post was to share my journey of obataining healthy, clear skin, and feeling confident without the use of makeup, and to inspire others to feel the same.


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